So you have been given the task of organizing the office Christmas party.  If you are lucky you have been given this task early enough in the year so you can have your pick of venues and caters, if needed.  This is the first mistake of the planning process of most Christmas parties, waiting too late to get started.  You are competing with everyone else for a limited amount of venues and caters in a very limited amount of time.

Christmas in July may be a reason to do some shopping, but it is also a good time to think about the company Christmas party.  With the limited number of weekends in December to plan your event, it is important to reserve your space as soon as possible. If a weekday is an option, then you will have a wider array of options.  But let’s focus on the weekends, there are only about 3 to choose from.  Once your weekend has been chosen, then you need to choose a venue.  There are many options, restaurants, country clubs, hotels, event venues, and even a conference room in your own office building.

Your budget will have a big influence on what type of venue you may choose.  Hotels and country clubs may be more expensive, but they will usually include your food and some type of holiday décor.  Event venues may be less expensive, but you will have to consider the type of catering you will need to bring in.  They also will not be decorated in most situations.  Catering will also be a consideration if you chose to have your holiday party in a conference room at your office.  Another easy option is a good restaurant.  There are no questions of décor and of course the food is taken care of.  In all cases time is a very important consideration.

If you plan to have your Christmas party at a country club, hotel, or event venue, it is very important you chose the venue as earlier in the year as possible.  The latest should be July in order to get your chose of a prime venue.  Once the venue has been chosen and the deposit put down, it is then time to think about the food.  Pick a caterer that can deliver a wide range of options for food.  Also make sure they can supply desserts to avoid having to go to a different vendor for those items.  These types of venues may also need additional vendors hired depending on your plan for your party.  Do you plan on having dancing? Then you will need to hire a DJ of Band.  Do you want a festive atmosphere?  Then an event designer or a florist may come in handy.  Vendors should be contacted by at least September in order to have variety of options.

Restaurants usually do not need décor or entertainment, but they will still need to be booked early.  Popular restaurants with banquet rooms are booked quickly around the holidays not only for company Christmas parties, but also families who may be avoiding doing a party at their own home.

The company conference room can be the easiest option.  But you will still need to consider your food options.  Caters will give you many options, but may be very busy during this time of year.  Other options are delivery from restaurants or just a good old pot luck.

In any case, early planning will allow you to enjoy the party as much as everyone else.  For more complicated planning, consider hiring a good event planner for the ultimate stress free experience.